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Woman on bed by Scot Sothern

Scot Sothern
Checkerboard, late 1980's

Girl in veil by Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark
Tiny, Halloween, Seattle, 1983

Woman at night by Chris Arnade

Chris Arnade
Cynthia, Hunt's Point, Bronx, 2012

Woman in window by Merry Alpern

Merry Alpern
Dirty Windows #16

Two women on bed by Christer Stromholm

Christer Stromholm
Cobra And Caprice, Place Blanche, Paris, 1961

Nude woman in room by E. J. Bellocq

E. J. Bellocq
Storyville Portrait, c. 1912

Woman in hotel room by Malerie Marder

Malerie Marder
#1 From The Anatomy Series, 2008 - 2013

Man in hotel room by Philip-Lorca deCorcia

Philip-Lorca di Corcia
David Theodore Lane, 27 Years Old
Tucson, AZ, $30, 1990-92

Man on bed by George Awde

George Awde
Untitled, Beruit, 2011

Boy in bath by Larry Clark

Larry Clark
Hustler In Tub, 1980

Teenage boy by Danny Fields

Danny Fields
Untitled Polaroid, 1970's

Man in underwear by Bob Mizer

Bob Mizer
John Apache, Los Angeles, 1972